Halloween at The Ragged School Museum Overnight Ghost Hunt – Saturday 31st October 2009

ragged_school_londonThis Grade II listed building now well known as the Ragged School Museum was once known as the free or “ragged “school for the poor and destitute children of the East End of London and was occupied by the famous Dr Thomas Barnardo from 1877 to 1908

Fully intending to train as a doctor Thomas Barnardo came to London from his home city of Dublin in 1866, sadly what he found was a city where there was disease and poverty amongst families and any education for poor children was just not available.

Thomas Barnardo gave up his medical training and in 1867 opened his first “ragged school” where poor children aged 5 – 10 years could gain a free basic education have Breakfast ,Dinner and help them to find their first job when they left the school once their education had ceased.

Barnardo’s Copperfield Road School opened its doors ten years later to the destitute children of London and for the next thirty-one years educated the thousands of children that entered through its doors.

The School itself closed in1908 as government schools opened in the area to serve the needs of the local families.

The ragged School has a plethora of Ghostly activity with the boy’s school side of the building being especially active on recent investigations along with the cries of children, laughing voices and fast running footsteps running around the room.

Down in the depths of the atmospheric Cellar the mood changes quickly as a more intense energy likes to make its presence known in the most terrifying of ways.

Voices and Growls are  heard frequently in this area as well as stone throwing poltergeist activity which has been witnessed by many.Unexplainable Temperature changes happen very dramatically and quickly here and people have felt strong breezes as if an unknown presence in the darkness is walking past them.

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Halloween at The Haunted Mansion Leominster Ghost Hunt – Saturday 31st October 2009

leominster-mansionThe Manor of Burton is mentioned in the Domesday Book it is probable the name Burton is of Saxon origin, being derived from the Saxon words Burh and ton, meaning fortified dwelling place.

The surviving rolls of the Manor began in the reign of Edward III, 1331, and it was here that Henry, Prince of Wales (later Henry V), stationed his troops to watch the movements of Owen Glendower.

The most notable of the squires of Eardisland and Lords of the Manor of Burton were the Brewster and the Clowes families.

The Brewsters first appear in the middle of the 17th Century and remained in continuous occupation until 1865. Dr William Brewster was baptized at St Mary’s Eardisland in 1665. He was an eminent scholar of his time and when he died in 1715 he left some of his magnificent collection of books to All Saints Church, Hereford, where they formed the famous chained library; now housed in Hereford Cathedral.

Burton Court is a very haunted location with regular sightings of full apparitions and lots of paranormal activity such as poltergeist happen here on a regular basis and has been witnessed and reported by many visitors to the building.
The Norman cellars are an unnerving place to be in the darkness and have recently become a  plethora of activity where large strange lights have been seen shooting down a corridor only to disappear, during a very recent investigation at the Mansion a table in the cellar has been lifted and tipped over by an unseen presence.

The servant’s quarters and corridors have been extremely active very recently with a deep moaning sound heard and stone throwing along with lots of movements as if someone or something is very close by.Also not forgetting the equally active Great Hall and Billiard Room where items have been reported to have been moved around on numerous occasions.

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Halloween at 21 Henley Street Stratford Upon Avon Ghost Hunt – Friday 30th October 2009

henley_streetAre you feeling brave enough to join Dusk Till Dawn Events on a ghost hunting experience on Halloween at a real haunted house?
Come with us and step through time as we dare to venture into 21 Henley Street one of the Most Haunted Houses in Stratford-upon- Avon. The Building itself which dates back to 1541 is half timbered and is 3 storeys high which has been opened up to the property next door to it so there are many eerie nooks and crannies to investigate on a fantastic night of Ghost Hunting.
21 Henley Street now home of The Witchcraft and Wizardology Museum , Stratford-upon-Avon is housed in a beautiful example of Elizabethan architecture that first appears in historical records in 1541. The building mentioned both by Harriet Beecher Stowe and Rupert Graves, is now the only remaining section of the famous White Lion Inn that still stands.The building now a wonderful,mystical witchcraft museum is crammed full to the brim of interesting spooky memorabilia and is only just a stone’s throw from Shakespears actual birth place.
In 1785 members of the household of the ill fated Monarch Louis XVI of France stayed here and in 1806 the Prince Regent (later George IV of the United Kingdom) stayed in specially prepared apartments. During the English Civil War the building was taken over by parliamentary soldiers who are said to haunt the upper levels to this very day whispering about secret plans.
It is also home to a much darker and more blood curdling secret. During the late 1700’s a series of very brutal attacks took place on prostitutes in bedrooms on the upper floors of the Inn. These attacks have left an indelible spectral imprint on the building that can be sensed by mediums and sensitives to this very day.
Guests visiting here find 21 Henley Street to be a most strange and creepy location which comes as no surprise with its small creaky stairways and dark mysterious rooms such as The Nursery,The Apothecary,Haunted Chamber and Priest Hole if you enjoy being scared then this night is for you!
Ghost Sightings are said to be abundant here with as many as 40 resident Spirits all who have made their presence known to visiting Mediums along with strange noises, aromas, lights and cold blasts of air onto people’s faces this really is a great opportunity to have a go at ghost hunting in a fantastic haunted location.

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Woodchester Mansion Overnight Ghost Hunt with Barrie John – Saturday 17th October 2009

woodchester_mansionBarrie John was Guest Medium for series 10 on Most Haunted for living TV, working along side Yvette Fielding,Karl Beattie and The Most Haunted Team and now you have the chance to Investigate this location in the search for Paranormal activity along with Barrie!

On approaching the Mansion itself a lot of people who visit here have said say they start to feel scared with a sense of unease of what the night ahead may bring and this is before they have even stepped inside the Mansion!

Woodchester Mansion which is surrounded by two miles of woodland, is an eerie sight to behold looking like your typical haunted house. There have been many apparitions sighted here along with rife poltergeist activity in the dark cellar and voices which have been recorded on EVP telling visitors to” GET OUT “in certain room’s of the building.

Woodchester Mansion is famous for being haunted by many spectres such as a phantom coach and horses which have been seen at the entrance gates to the drive also a dwarf dressed in rags – first witnessed by a local in the 1900’s

The echoing sounds of music playing somewhere far in the distance have also been heard on many occasions and a white lady has been seen floating along on the upper floors. The Mansions Chapel has had lots of spirit activity noted plus a Victorian Gent is seen quite often in this area also.

Dusk Till Dawn Events have this unique building for an entire Nights Investigation and you have the chance to join in your very own Ghost Hunt at one of the UK’S Most Haunted Locations. You will have full use of Ghost Hunting Equipment and the night will be hosted by experienced Paranormal Investigator(s) and Psychic Medium Barrie John. You will take part in various experiments such as Table Tipping and Glass Divination Vigils throughout the Night in the most active parts of the Mansion.

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Falstaffs Experience Stratford Upon Avon Overnight Ghost Hunt – Saturday 17th October 2009

the_falstaff_experienceThe Shrieves House and Barn said to be the second most haunted building in Britain is now well known as The Falstaff’s Experience and is situated in the heart of Stratford.

This very haunted building said to be built upon some 5 lay lines dates back to the 16th Century (although a dwelling has stood on this spot since 1196) and its first known tenant was William Shrieve in 1536 who was an archer to King Henry VIII. The house is still called ‘The Shrieve’s House’, and it could therefore be reasonably assumed he was an important figure in his day and may possibly have been a Sheriff of some sort, as his name suggests.

With almost 1000 years of history in which it has born witness to plague, war, witchcraft and, some say, murder. Perhaps it would be more surprising if it were not haunted.

There have been several fires in the property, the most destructive of which occurred in 1595, after which the property would have been extensively rebuilt. The 1595 cobblestones are therefore the oldest surviving in Stratford-Upon-Avon and on which William Shakespeare himself would have walked on his way to the Three Tunns Tavern.

In the 16th century the property was a tavern and the tavern keeper, William Rogers, is said to have been some of the inspiration for Shakespeare’s famous comic character Falstaff who appears in two of his plays. At this time the property would have consisted of not only the house but outhouses, a stable and a blacksmiths.

Also during this period a small cottage was attached to the end of the barn in what was referred to as ‘the witch of Sheep Street’s cottage’ and is now the known as the witch’s courtyard. The local coven still reveres this area and practices their ancient ceremonies here, particularly at Halloween.

The spirits and ghosts who haunt this location

There are a number of ‘dominant’ spirits said to be active in the property: an archer from the time of Henry VIII; a serial murderer from the 18th century; a little girl who was a pickpocket in the tavern; a Catholic gentleman from the time of the reformation and a justice of the peace who used his power to run an extortion ring with threats, violence and trumped up charges. There are also sightings of the parliamentary soldiers (although it is more common to experience their injuries); the victims of the serial murderer; children and animals. During certain times of year a dark hooded figure with red glowing eyes, who is said to be a very ancient spirit, stands back and watches.

With cobbled court yards, hidden Priest Holes and Secret Chambers this Location is steeped in history and not one for the faint hearted……..

“Many people have lived and died in The Shrieve’s House since the house was built in the mid-1250s. But for some reason, the people who died there seem to hang around as ghosts. If you want to see/feel/smell a ghost then go there because it is probably the most haunted house in England” (Terry Deary, author)

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Coalhouse Fort East Tilbury Essex Ghost Hunt – Saturday 17th October 2009

coalhouse2-242-x-192Coalhouse Fort is a Victorian Coastal Defence Fort, which is next to the River Thames in East Tilsbury, Essex.
The Fort was built in 1874 to defend the approaches to London from the threat of invasion from France and other Foreign Countries.
This particular Fort is said to be one of the finest examples of an armored casemated Fort in the United Kingdom.
Since 1983 the Fort has been leased to the Coal House Fort Project, which is a voluntary organisation, who has worked hard to help the Fort keep much of its original Architectural form.
Coal House Fort has over 600 years of Military History so there is no surprise that this location has Paranormal Phenomena that is very, very active.
This Location has mile upon mile of Pitch Black Tunnels where no one can hear you scream when the lights go out!
Volunteers whilst at work on the Fort have witnessed Ghostly Apparitions and Strange mists before their very eyes.
Voices and the laughter of a child, along with heavy footsteps and the sound of something being dragged along the floor are just some of the strange phenomena experienced at this unique building.
The Most Haunted Programme visited here very recently and had a lot of activity throughout their stay overnight with extreme poltergeist activity.

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Bolling Hall Bradford Overnight Ghost Hunt – Saturday 17th October 2009

bolling-_hallBolling Hall is one of Bradford’s oldest buildings, and has reference to the manor of Bolling in the Doomsday Book which was compiled in 1086

Situated just a mile from Bradford city centre and surrounded by gardens, Bolling Hall was for many years home to two important land-owning families.

Parts of this wonderful building actually date from medieval times, which are packed full to the brim with history so it comes as no surprise that paranormal activity happens on a regular basis here and has had as many as 20 reported sightings of ghostly apparitions from visitors and staff alike!

For over five hundred years Bolling Hall has been home to many Bradford families such as Tempest,Lindley and Wood. During the Civil War the household supported the Royalist cause, and the house provided a stronghold during the ‘siege of Bradford’.

The Hall Itself was then presented to the City of Bradford in 1912 after falling into disrepair and was then passed onto the City to be opened as a period house and museum.

Bolling Hall is well known for being the most haunted building in Bradford with its first Ghost sighted way back in December 1642 by the Earl of Newcastle; who was awakened by feeling of his bedclothes being pulled off him!

This location has even been visited by the Most Haunted Team who found the building to be very paranormally active on their investigation capturing on film a Childs Crib rocking backwards and forwards all by its self!

There are many fantastic rooms and eerie nooks and crannies to investigate in this very haunted building such as the Blue Room which Staff whilst at work at the Hall sense feelings of unease as if being watched by someone or something and a Gent wearing a long black coat has been seen in this area also.

A sighting of a Lady dressed all in White has been reported in the 1940’s, she was described by wittnesess as floating in mid air across the room and disappearing into the fireplace!

Heard regularly at this location are loud footsteps along With Ghostly voices and heavy breathing within the darkness not to mention heavy doors opening and banging shut in response to questions asked by an unseen presence as you can see this really is an event not to be missed!

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RAF Holmpton Withernsea Overnight Ghost Hunt – Saturday 10th October 2009

_wsb_220x165_pitRoyal Air Force Holmpton has over 60 years of History.
During this time over 15,000 Personnel have passed through this establishment so there is no surprise that this is the basis for a great deal of Paranormal Activity…….

There is a plethera of activity at this location with voices heard frequently and sightings of a ghostly airman who is often seen pacing backwards and forwards between doors and those who have seen him say he looks as if  he is frantically looking for something or someone?

On the upper floors of this building visitors here sense a very strange atmosphere and few people can remain in this area for very long.

With Poltergeist activity rife and items of furniture moving, stones being thrown at unsuspecting Guests this really is a great place for paranormal Investigation.

A young Man is often seen in the canteen area who tells people that he “should not be here”.

Along with footsteps and dark shadows moving around in the darkness just along the corridor in the hospital area a woman has appeared to people dressed as a nurse and is called Margaret and is said to be very welcoming and friendly to visitors here.

The Commanding Officers office and bedroom are often active with voices and conversations heard and in addition to all this fantastic phenomena Orbs and flashing lights are also seen on a regular basis along with many other ghostly spectres.

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Oxford Castle Overnight Ghost Hunt with Barrie John – Saturday 10th October 2009

oxford_castle_1-281-x-375Barrie John was Guest Medium for series 10 on Most Haunted for living TV as he investigated Oxford Castle along side Yvette Fielding,Karl Beattie and The Most Haunted Team.

Dusk Till Dawn Events have access to Oxford Castle and all its haunted areas including the castle mound – the place of execution for four hundred years!

Oxford Castle is a very imposing Georgian building with a Saxon St George’s Tower and is thought to be one of the most haunted buildings in the country. Throughout its dark and foreboding history, the Castle has served time as a royal residence, a centre of justice and as the county Gaol, hidden from public view behind an impenetrable five metre high stone wall until its closure in 1996.

There have been many reports of paranormal activity at the Oxford Castle site including:

* The Murderer Mary Blandy was tried and hanged at Oxford in 1752, her ghost has been see a number of times walking the Castle Mound
* In the 1970s a group of inmates held a seance in one of the cells sparking poltergeist activity, in the end of priest was called to conduct an exorcism
* A strange white mist has been witnessed rising up a flight of stairs, two prison guards watched in horror as it faded in front of their eyes.
* In the past the Castle has been used as a film set including for the film “The Italian Job”. More recently during filming, a group of film extras heard unidentifiable shouts and screams echoing around the main buildings. On at least two occasions there has been unexplained physical damage to various items stored at the prison.
* Security guards have long been uneasy doing the rounds at night and the most terrifying apparition was spotted by one guard and his dog on a nightly patrol. The dog stopped and growled while its master saw two black figures in front of him, days later the dog died of fright!

May be you will discover the truth behind the Oxford Castle curse (the Black Assize of 1577) when several hundred people died within the space of five weeks and of the terrible conditions endured by the prisoners and of great escapes!

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The Haunted House of York 35 Stonegate York Overnight Ghost Hunt – Saturday 3rd October 2009

the-otherworld-4-300-x-430Join Dusk Till Dawn Events for an exclusive paranormal investigation!

As featured on Derek Acorah’s Ghost Towns, this building is one of York’s most haunted and historical buildings situated on the old roman road!

Situated on York’s oldest street, “The Otherworld” @ 35 Stonegate is one of the most haunted buildings in York. During an episode of “Ghost Towns” a terrifying possession took place in the séance room – this is your chance take part in a special small investigation of just 16 people.

The house stands on a site that has been continuously occupied since AD 71. It is a timber-framed construction over six centuries old which boasts an impressive number of original features, including beautiful beams and rooms of oak panelling. Prior to being acquired for its present use, it was in the hands of a family of artisans who had owned it for over 120 years. It is full of stunning examples of decorative stained glass, and includes an intact, Victorian hand painted ceiling.

“A shadowy spiral staircase creaks up for three floors. Passages, dimly lit by light filtering through square windows, open off it. Lining them are dark wooden doors. Through these doors are dark rooms – and through those rooms further dark rooms and even more dim passages. It’s a warren of a building which seems to extend backwards forever into the dark heart of York’s History.

The night begins with a tour of the building including areas that are usually out of bounds for the general public, during the exclusive tour you will hear about the many witnesses to paranormal activity in the building ranging from full manifestations to poltergeist activity. Be prepared to take a journey through hundreds of years of history and hauntings!

Our investigation starts with a ghost hunting equipment talk and then you will be able to explore the building at your own pace before our mediumship walk round in the dark.

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