ragged_school_londonThis Grade II listed building now well known as the Ragged School Museum was once known as the free or “ragged “school for the poor and destitute children of the East End of London and was occupied by the famous Dr Thomas Barnardo from 1877 to 1908

Fully intending to train as a doctor Thomas Barnardo came to London from his home city of Dublin in 1866, sadly what he found was a city where there was disease and poverty amongst families and any education for poor children was just not available.

Thomas Barnardo gave up his medical training and in 1867 opened his first “ragged school” where poor children aged 5 – 10 years could gain a free basic education have Breakfast ,Dinner and help them to find their first job when they left the school once their education had ceased.

Barnardo’s Copperfield Road School opened its doors ten years later to the destitute children of London and for the next thirty-one years educated the thousands of children that entered through its doors.

The School itself closed in1908 as government schools opened in the area to serve the needs of the local families.

The ragged School has a plethora of Ghostly activity with the boy’s school side of the building being especially active on recent investigations along with the cries of children, laughing voices and fast running footsteps running around the room.

Down in the depths of the atmospheric Cellar the mood changes quickly as a more intense energy likes to make its presence known in the most terrifying of ways.

Voices and Growls are  heard frequently in this area as well as stone throwing poltergeist activity which has been witnessed by many.Unexplainable Temperature changes happen very dramatically and quickly here and people have felt strong breezes as if an unknown presence in the darkness is walking past them.

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