galofjusDo you have nerves of steel to take part in an Overnight Ghost Hunt at the terrifying Oxford Castle?

Join Dusk Till Dawn Events on an all night investigation with Celebrity Medium Barrie John from Most Haunted.

celebrity_medium_barrie_john_dusk_till_dawn_eventsBarrie John was Guest Medium for series 10 on Most Haunted for living TV as he investigated Oxford Castle along side Yvette Fielding,Karl Beattie and The Most Haunted Team.

Dusk Till Dawn Events have access to Oxford Castle and all its haunted areas including the castle mound – the place of execution for four hundred years!

Oxford Castle is a very imposing Georgian building with a Saxon St George’s Tower and is thought to be one of the most haunted buildings in the country. Throughout its dark and foreboding history, the Castle has served time as a royal residence, a centre of justice and as the county Gaol, hidden from public view behind an impenetrable five metre high stone wall until its closure in 1996.

There have been many reports of paranormal activity at the Oxford Castle site including:

* The Murderer Mary Blandy was tried and hanged at Oxford in 1752, her ghost has been see a number of times walking the Castle Mound
* In the 1970s a group of inmates held a seance in one of the cells sparking poltergeist activity, in the end of priest was called to conduct an exorcism
* A strange white mist has been witnessed rising up a flight of stairs, two prison guards watched in horror as it faded in front of their eyes.
* In the past the Castle has been used as a film set including for the film “The Italian Job”. More recently during filming, a group of film extras heard unidentifiable shouts and screams echoing around the main buildings. On at least two occasions there has been unexplained physical damage to various items stored at the prison.
* Security guards have long been uneasy doing the rounds at night and the most terrifying apparition was spotted by one guard and his dog on a nightly patrol. The dog stopped and growled while its master saw two black figures in front of him, days later the dog died of fright!

May be you will discover the truth behind the Oxford Castle curse (the Black Assize of 1577) when several hundred people died within the space of five weeks and of the terrible conditions endured by the prisoners and of great escapes!

Don’t miss out on the chance to experience the confines of the 18th century Debtors Tower and prison D – wing and the very dark and chilling atmosphere of the 900 year old underground Crypt not forgetting the climb to the Saxon St George’s Tower which is now open to Dusk Till Dawn Events.

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