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Present : Mediums  Sue and Michael Treanor

Host: Jayne Matthews

Group of members of the general public.

Woodchester  Mansion is one of my favourite ghost hunt locations, not only because it is very haunted, but also because of its amazing gothic architecture.  The stone carvings at Woodchester are amongst the finest in the world of their type. For this reason, apprentice stone masons can learn the art of stone carving here.  On 5th March when we visited, there was a new carving in the base room – that of a monkey-like gargoyle. I immediately took a dislike to it – it reminded me of one of the flying monkeys from The Wizard of Oz. It was showing its bared teeth, and held an owl in its arms.

There is an elemental energy which still stalks the corridors of Woodchester Mansion.  An Elemental is a creature which has been created from energy, usually with the power of the element it is made from. For instance, a fire elemental would have the power of fire. The elemental at Woodchester has been formed from fear and it has the power to bring out our strongest fears. Who made it? I don’t know.   Perhaps it was made by a person, or perhaps over the years, so many people have felt fear at Woodchester,  the elemental formed itself from that fear. To me, it can look like a rabid dog (and many growls have been heard at the mansion) or sometimes, I have seen it look like a hairless monkey with a wizened face and sharp claws and teeth. Not unlike the carving which we saw as we entered the building. I didn’t mention this to any of the guests, and we proceeded with ghost hunt as usual. Before we started I did as I always do and ran through a short protection exercise with all the attendees.

The ghost hunt was eventful – we had seen lights, heard noises including a few growls) and heard whispers and rappings. As we came to the last hour or so of the ghost hunt, we split into our smaller groups.

View of gargolye at Woodchester Mansion.

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My group took the bathroom. This is another location which is very dark energetically. Many mediums feel there has been a rape in this bathroom, and also that some rituals may have taken place there.  I asked one of the ladies to lie in the bath to see how the energy felt whilst the rest of us formed a circle in the pitch black. There were two young men in the circle, both of whom had never done ghost hunting before, but who were very open and had picked up things well all night.

One of the young men said “ooh, something has just touched my hand” – and then all hell seemed to let loose!  As we scrambled to turn on the torches, the man who had been touched seemed to be crouching on the floor and snarling. He looked for all the world like the monkey carving in the base room!

I stepped in and broke the circle and he looked at us wide-eyed and said “what happened? All  I remember saying was ‘someone touched my hand’”

After making sure he was OK (and the rest of the group of course) we continued a vigil on the 1st floor.   Some of the guests had brought Glen Miller music to play to try and lure the spirits out, and this did seem to be working. Then, all of a sudden, from the floor above us, we heard a very loud growl . That was enough for the group! The elemental was on the prowl again!

All in all another amazing night at Woodchester Mansion.  My next blog will be on Alton Towers. Happy Ghost Hunting everyone!

Sue Treanor.

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