woodchester_mansionOn approaching the Mansion itself a lot of people who visit here have said say they start to feel scared with a sense of unease of what the night ahead may bring and this is before they have even stepped inside the Mansion!

Woodchester Mansion which is surrounded by two miles of woodland, is an eerie sight to behold looking like your typical haunted house. There have been many apparitions sighted here along with rife poltergeist activity in the dark cellar and voices which have been recorded on EVP telling visitors to” GET OUT “in certain room’s of the building.

Woodchester Mansion is famous for being haunted by many spectres such as a phantom coach and horses which have been seen at the entrance gates to the drive also a dwarf dressed in rags – first witnessed by a local in the 1900’s

The echoing sounds of music playing somewhere far in the distance have also been heard on many occasions and a white lady has been seen floating along on the upper floors. The Mansions Chapel has had lots of spirit activity noted plus a Victorian Gent is seen quite often in this area also.

Dusk Till Dawn Events have this unique building for an entire Nights Investigation and you have the chance to join in your very own Ghost Hunt at one of the UK’S Most Haunted Locations. You will have full use of Ghost Hunting Equipment and the night will be hosted by experienced Paranormal Investigator(s) and Psychic Medium(s). You will take part in various experiments such as Table Tipping and Glass Divination Vigils throughout the Night in the most active parts of the Mansion.

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