It was cold, wet and windy as we approached the majestic and spooky looking Warwick Castle, After settling in and taking a small tour of the building, we began our vigils. The Witches room seemed to be inhabited by a tall, over-bearing man who wanted to put the table from one room into the next. The table tipping was SO energetic that we were able to place just one finger each UNDERNEATH the table, and it still moved violently around the room. We managed to get a couple of brave volunteers to go into the adjoining room alone – better them than me !

The chapel was also a very active area with K2 meters responding to our requests and also the very strange phenomena of spirit turning an IPhone off and on in response to our requests during the night.

The Ouija board produced some interesting information about people who once lived within the Castle grounds, and the stand alone vigils in the Kingmake section had Lee, one of our guests, feeling very wobbly and shaky, almost as though he was being pushed over !

A great night, all in all and we look forward to returning in 2013.

By Dusk Till Dawn Events Medium Sue Treanor

Secret rooms uncovered at Warwick Castle

Report & Video by Mark Morris

Time Team’s Tony Robinson has opened four never-seen-before rooms at Warwick Castle, including one designed by Richard III.

The rooms have remained closed for generations, and when they were uncovered, they revealed secrets and stories about the castle’s past.

Tony said: “I’m quite giddy to be the first person to see inside these rooms and to officially open them to the public.

“I’ve spent many years searching for exactly this – clues and evidence to unlock secrets from the past.”

The rooms opened on February 16, in time for half term.

Visitors will have the chance to seek a shy ghost, explore a deadly bear’s lair and smell foul medieval sludge.