A Ouija Board is usually a square or circle flat Board with the letters of the alphabet and numbers written on it. Some times the words Yes, No, Hello and Goodbye  are shown also.

Sometimes before using the Ouija Board people like to protect themselves which can be done in any way that suits you best some like to imagine a white cloak wrapped around them others like to imagine they are in a bubble of white light. Generally its what ever you feel works best for you goes!

A pointer or planchette is used to point out words around the board with everyone participating placing one finger lightly onto the planchette. One of the group calls out asking for communication from the other side eg: Is there anyone there,Are you Male, Are you Female etc.

Its a good idea to have one person writing the letters that are spelt out onto a piece of paper so you can remember what was actually said via the board once the session is over.

The Ouija Board has received a lot of bad press over recent years partly due to horror films such as the Exorcist where the child Reagan plays with a Ouija Board before she gets possessed by the devil!

In all honesty the Ouija Board is really just another divination tool such as tarot cards and pendulums.¬† The thing to remember is use sensibly and if you are of a nervous nature and easily frightened dont go asking what you really wouldnt like to hear an answer too such as “When will I die?” How will I die? you may not get an answer you will like so just be sensible no drinking beforehand just use your common sense and have fun.