The Haunted House of York 35 Stonegate York Overnight Ghost Hunt – Saturday 3rd October 2009

the-otherworld-4-300-x-430Join Dusk Till Dawn Events for an exclusive paranormal investigation!

As featured on Derek Acorah’s Ghost Towns, this building is one of York’s most haunted and historical buildings situated on the old roman road!

Situated on York’s oldest street, “The Otherworld” @ 35 Stonegate is one of the most haunted buildings in York. During an episode of “Ghost Towns” a terrifying possession took place in the séance room – this is your chance take part in a special small investigation of just 16 people.

The house stands on a site that has been continuously occupied since AD 71. It is a timber-framed construction over six centuries old which boasts an impressive number of original features, including beautiful beams and rooms of oak panelling. Prior to being acquired for its present use, it was in the hands of a family of artisans who had owned it for over 120 years. It is full of stunning examples of decorative stained glass, and includes an intact, Victorian hand painted ceiling.

“A shadowy spiral staircase creaks up for three floors. Passages, dimly lit by light filtering through square windows, open off it. Lining them are dark wooden doors. Through these doors are dark rooms – and through those rooms further dark rooms and even more dim passages. It’s a warren of a building which seems to extend backwards forever into the dark heart of York’s History.

The night begins with a tour of the building including areas that are usually out of bounds for the general public, during the exclusive tour you will hear about the many witnesses to paranormal activity in the building ranging from full manifestations to poltergeist activity. Be prepared to take a journey through hundreds of years of history and hauntings!

Our investigation starts with a ghost hunting equipment talk and then you will be able to explore the building at your own pace before our mediumship walk round in the dark.

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