bolling-_hallBolling Hall is one of Bradford’s oldest buildings, and has reference to the manor of Bolling in the Doomsday Book which was compiled in 1086

Situated just a mile from Bradford city centre and surrounded by gardens, Bolling Hall was for many years home to two important land-owning families.

Parts of this wonderful building actually date from medieval times, which are packed full to the brim with history so it comes as no surprise that paranormal activity happens on a regular basis here and has had as many as 20 reported sightings of ghostly apparitions from visitors and staff alike!

For over five hundred years Bolling Hall has been home to many Bradford families such as Tempest,Lindley and Wood. During the Civil War the household supported the Royalist cause, and the house provided a stronghold during the ‘siege of Bradford’.

The Hall Itself was then presented to the City of Bradford in 1912 after falling into disrepair and was then passed onto the City to be opened as a period house and museum.

Bolling Hall is well known for being the most haunted building in Bradford with its first Ghost sighted way back in December 1642 by the Earl of Newcastle; who was awakened by feeling of his bedclothes being pulled off him!

This location has even been visited by the Most Haunted Team who found the building to be very paranormally active on their investigation capturing on film a Childs Crib rocking backwards and forwards all by its self!

There are many fantastic rooms and eerie nooks and crannies to investigate in this very haunted building such as the Blue Room which Staff whilst at work at the Hall sense feelings of unease as if being watched by someone or something and a Gent wearing a long black coat has been seen in this area also.

A sighting of a Lady dressed all in White has been reported in the 1940’s, she was described by wittnesess as floating in mid air across the room and disappearing into the fireplace!

Heard regularly at this location are loud footsteps along With Ghostly voices and heavy breathing within the darkness not to mention heavy doors opening and banging shut in response to questions asked by an unseen presence as you can see this really is an event not to be missed!

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