Dusk Till Dawn Events Ovenight Ghost Hunt

Dudley Castle Ghost Hunt Friday 29th May 2009 8.30PM – 4.30AM


Join Dusk Till Dawn Events on a fantastic night of Ghost Hunting at the very scary Dudley Castle which has the reputation of being one of the most haunted venues in the west Midlands.
Dudley Castle was built in 1071 by the Normans, originally built as a wooden castle and then by the 13thCentury the Castle was rebuilt from stone.

Dudley Castle has history steeped to the brim with the castle being occupied by Queen Elizabeth in 1575 and even being considered as a prison for Mary Queen of Scots.The Castle was actually lived in and used as a family home by the Earl’s of Dudley until 1750 but a terrible fire which continued for 3 days destroyed the castle and the castle sadly became a ruin as it still remains to the present day.

On Halloween 2002 Dudley Castle was the location of the first ever Most Haunted ‘Live’ show which was aired on our TV screens with the famous Derek Acorah as the Guest Medium.

There are said to be a plethora of resident ghosts haunting the castle the scariest being the ominous black monk who has been seen in various parts of the castle by visitors and staff alike on numerous occasions. Another ghost said to haunt the castle is the grey lady who is said to wander aimlessly throughout the castle and its grounds.

The Castle’s Undercroft harbors’ a wealth of paranormal phenomena where people pick up intense emotions and terrifying feelings as if they have been pushed and prodded whilst standing in the atmospheric conditions of the Undercroft.

Poltergeist Activity happens on a frequent basis at this eerie location along with strange noises being heard, ghostly figures and shadows being witnessed.  Visitors to the castle have experienced sensations that they have been touched in the darkness by icy cold fingers.

This eerie place is not one for the faint hearted you have been warned!

Dusk Till Dawn Events have this unique building for an entire Nights Investigation and you have the chance to join in your very own Ghost Hunt at one of the UK’S Most Haunted Locations. You will have full use of Ghost Hunting Equipment and the night will be hosted by experienced Paranormal Investigator(s) and  Psychic Medium Mandy Jooste. You will take part in various experiments such as Table Tipping and Glass Divination and watch and wait Vigils throughout the Night in the most active parts of the location.

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