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Evesham Ghost Fest

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The town of Evesham sits on a loop in the River Avon, with Malvern and Bredon Hill on one side, and the Cotswolds on the other. It has been the scene of many dramatic and horrific events, since its formation in 701 by the future St.Ecwin. The Bloody Battle of Evesham, The dissolution of the Abbey and the Civil War have all left their ghostly imprint on Evesham.
The town sits on the intersection of two ley lines, which some think accounts for its amazing psychic and ghostly activity. The Virgin Mary has even appeared in Evesham, along with two Archangels!
Evesham is the perfect place for a Ghost Fest.
Using the energy of the approaching Summer Solstice, the weekend has some treats lined up in store, with key contributors being Michael and Sue Treanor, Evesham residents, mediums and experts in the ghosts of Evesham, and TV’s Ian Lawman, who has appeared on Most Haunted and Living with the Dead, amongst many other shows.
The weekend kicks off on the 17th June at 9pm, when Ian Lawman is joined by Michael and Sue Treanor at The Spirit House – a venue with the reputation for having intense poltergeist activity.
Built with the stone from Evesham Abbey when it was dissolved by Henry VIII in 1540, the house is rife with spirits and ghosts. From the Monk in the cellar to the young girl who hanged herself upstairs, spirits seem drawn to the Spirit house. The most famous spirit though is Colin, the resident poltergeist. He has thrown bottled, moved bags and buckets and even pushed heavy chairs across the cellar floor – all in the presence of terrified guests! Will you meet Colin? Are you brave enough to go into the deep, dark cellar?
The House has a fully functioning Victorian Parlour (Madame Blavatsky’s Parlour) complete with Scrying Mirror, Seance Bell and Spirit Cabinet, which the team will make full use of during the night.
The 18th begins with a large Psychic Fayre at Evesham Town Hall, (10am – 4pm).
The fair will include Tarot readers, Mediums, Angel readers, Healers and Therapists and of course stalls selling crystals, books, esoteric goods and jewellery, CD’s and all things spiritual.
There are workshops from Sue and Michael Treanor and Ian Lawman and also from medium Malcolm Smith, who regularly appears on SKY TV, Eve Gray Wolf, a Native American Huron Indian who specialises in her own people’s spirituality and the Faery realms, Susan Ingleby a very experienced medium and angel worker and Carmel Langridge, a lifelong palmist who is astoundingly accurate.
At 4.30pm and 6pm the Award winning Evesham Ghost Walk welcomes Ian Lawman as guest medium and is hosted as ever by the weird and wonderful “Mr Scaretaker” (Michael Treanor). This is your chance to see two of the country’s best mediums at work together!
On the evening of the 18th, Salford Hall becomes the focus of a Ghost Hunt Supper.

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Salford Hall was built in the 15th century and used as a retreat for the monks of Evesham Abbey. The Stanford Family added a stone extension in the 16th Century to honour Elizabeth I. The House has
being renovated by the hotel chain that no owns it.
The Hall is Haunted by young school girls, nuns and even priests ! There is even a priest-hole !
The event will include a meal in the restaurant, tarot reading for all attendees by Sue and Michael and a ghost walk and vigils with Sue, Michael and Ian Lawman. The evening ends at approximately 2am.
The final day of the festival sees Ian lawman running an afternoon workshop at Spiritus, from 12 noon – 4.30pm (approx). This workshop will include how to see and sense auras and how to correctly pass on messages from the spirit work. The workshop is suitable for beginners and more experiences people alike. Don’t miss your chance to be taught by one of the best and most famous mediums in the UK!
If you love ghosts and ghost hunts, want a reading or want to be taught by a celebrity, The Evesham Ghost Fest has something for everyone!

17th – 19th June 2011 www.theeveshamghostfest.co.uk

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