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Budget Ghost Hunts

Here at Dusk Till Dawn Events we do our very best to bring you low cost ghost hunts and ghost hunt suppers.We are the most affordable online professional ghost hunting company around whilst still bringing you the best paranormal experiences at our overnight spooky locations!Our new budget ghost hunting events prices start as little as £20 per person!

Why not come along and join us have a go at our many psychic experiments such as table tipping,glass divination,scary seances and calling out vigils in the pitch black of night!

Woodchester Mansion Ghost Hunt 5th March 2011

View of Woodchester Mansion showing the south ...
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Present : Mediums  Sue and Michael Treanor

Host: Jayne Matthews

Group of members of the general public.

Woodchester  Mansion is one of my favourite ghost hunt locations, not only because it is very haunted, but also because of its amazing gothic architecture.  The stone carvings at Woodchester are amongst the finest in the world of their type. For this reason, apprentice stone masons can learn the art of stone carving here.  On 5th March when we visited, there was a new carving in the base room – that of a monkey-like gargoyle. I immediately took a dislike to it – it reminded me of one of the flying monkeys from The Wizard of Oz. It was showing its bared teeth, and held an owl in its arms.

There is an elemental energy which still stalks the corridors of Woodchester Mansion.  An Elemental is a creature which has been created from energy, usually with the power of the element it is made from. For instance, a fire elemental would have the power of fire. The elemental at Woodchester has been formed from fear and it has the power to bring out our strongest fears. Who made it? I don’t know.   Perhaps it was made by a person, or perhaps over the years, so many people have felt fear at Woodchester,  the elemental formed itself from that fear. To me, it can look like a rabid dog (and many growls have been heard at the mansion) or sometimes, I have seen it look like a hairless monkey with a wizened face and sharp claws and teeth. Not unlike the carving which we saw as we entered the building. I didn’t mention this to any of the guests, and we proceeded with ghost hunt as usual. Before we started I did as I always do and ran through a short protection exercise with all the attendees.

The ghost hunt was eventful – we had seen lights, heard noises including a few growls) and heard whispers and rappings. As we came to the last hour or so of the ghost hunt, we split into our smaller groups.

View of gargolye at Woodchester Mansion.
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My group took the bathroom. This is another location which is very dark energetically. Many mediums feel there has been a rape in this bathroom, and also that some rituals may have taken place there.  I asked one of the ladies to lie in the bath to see how the energy felt whilst the rest of us formed a circle in the pitch black. There were two young men in the circle, both of whom had never done ghost hunting before, but who were very open and had picked up things well all night.

One of the young men said “ooh, something has just touched my hand” – and then all hell seemed to let loose!  As we scrambled to turn on the torches, the man who had been touched seemed to be crouching on the floor and snarling. He looked for all the world like the monkey carving in the base room!

I stepped in and broke the circle and he looked at us wide-eyed and said “what happened? All  I remember saying was ‘someone touched my hand’”

After making sure he was OK (and the rest of the group of course) we continued a vigil on the 1st floor.   Some of the guests had brought Glen Miller music to play to try and lure the spirits out, and this did seem to be working. Then, all of a sudden, from the floor above us, we heard a very loud growl . That was enough for the group! The elemental was on the prowl again!

All in all another amazing night at Woodchester Mansion.  My next blog will be on Alton Towers. Happy Ghost Hunting everyone!

Sue Treanor.

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Falstaffs Stratford Upon Avon Ghost Hunt

Dusk Till Dawn Events are at the Falstaff’s – Tudor World in Stratford Upon Avon February 19th 2011.

Falstaffs Experience Stratford Upon Avon Overnight Ghost Hunt Saturday 19th February 2011

Falstaffs Experience Stratford Upon Avon Overnight Ghost Hunt Saturday 19th February 2011

*SECOND MOST HAUNTED BUILDING IN BRITAIN IN THE GREAT BRITISH GHOST HUNT 2008*   The Shrieves House and Barn sai d to be the second most haunted building in Britain is now well known as The Falstaff’s Experience and is situated in the heart of this lovely town.
If you would like to go on a Paranormal night with us and come ghost hunting take a look at Dusk Till Dawn Events.
Hope to see you soon….!!!

Saturday night out Ghost hunting at the Ragged School London

Off out tonight ghost hunting at the Ragged School Copperfield Road London with Dusk Till Dawn Events

Hopefully will catch something on camera to post on the blog next week.

Been here twice before on the first occasion i heard eerie noises in the cellar couldn’t explain who it was but it sound like an old man with gruff voice saying what can i do…!! couldn’t quite her the rest i asked out and said who are you .but no reply…

The second time i was there i didn’t pick up much on camera or on the voice recorder but people from the other group said that they heard footsteps on the top floor and the wheel chair in the cellar moved on its own.

Hopefully i will get something this evening in the eerie location.

If you would like to go a ghost hunt or ghost hunts supper take a look at Dusk Till Dawn Events.

Our first Ghost Hunt / Paranormal Event for 2011 is at the The Ragged School

Our first Ghost Hunt / Paranormal Event for 2011 is at the The Ragged School in London.

The Ragged School London Overnight Ghost Hunt

The Ragged School London Overnight Ghost Hunt – Saturday 8th January 2011

This Grade II listed building now well known as the Ragged School Museum was once known as the free or “ragged “school for the poor and destitute children of the East End of London and was occupied by the famous Dr Thomas Barnardo from 1877 to 1908 Fully intending to train as a doctor Thomas Barnardo came to London from his home city of Dublin in 1866, sadly what he found was a city where there was disease and poverty amongst families and any education for poor children was just not available.
Thomas Barnardo gave up his medical training and in 1867 opened his first “ragged school” where poor children aged 5 – 10 years could gain a free basic education have Breakfast ,Dinner and help them to find their first job when they left the school once their education had ceased.

Country’s ‘most haunted’ manor fails to sell at auction

Wymering Manor failed to reach its reserve price at auction in London
Wymering Manor failed to reach its reserve price at auction in London

By Michael Powell
(Taken From www.Portsmouth.co.uk)

A spooky manor house believed to be one of Britain’s most haunted properties failed to sell at auction yesterday.
Wymering Manor has been put up for sale by Portsmouth City Council.

It went under the hammer at the Grand Connaught Rooms in Central London.

But bidders failed to reach the £400,000 reserve the city council put on the property.

Auctioneer Jeremy Lamb, of Andrews & Robertson, said: ‘It hasn’t sold under the hammer.

‘We had some bids but they didn’t meet the reserve. Around £400,000 was what they were looking for.’

The city council says it will now attempt to sell the property privately.

The Grade II* listed manor is thought to be the oldest house in Portsmouth and is mentioned in the 1086 Domesday Book.

It has been used as a vicarage, monastery and home and its current structure dates back to the late 16th century.

Prospective buyers would need to spend at least £150,000 to restore the dilapidated property to its former glory after decades of neglect.

The building has seen much-documented spooky activity. Paranormal investigators claim to have sensed the presence of between 20 to 30 spirits in the home, including those of children laughing and whispering. Burly security guards have even refused to work alone at night there.

Portsmouth City Council first tried to sell the property in 2006 but could not find a buyer.

This saw the formation of Friends of Old Wymering – a campaign group that wants the manor to be renovated and brought back into use.

The group’s chairwoman Janet Hird said: ‘It’s a shame it didn’t sell. This increases the uncertainty about what’s going to happen with Wymering Manor. We were hoping a new owner would come in and we could discuss their plans for the building with them.

‘I think it’s obvious the council will continue to try and sell Wymering Manor – it costs them a lot of money every month and it’s probably cost them quite a lot to put it up for auction.

‘It’s disappointing for the council and for everyone in Portsmouth that this building hasn’t sold.’

Principal valuer at Portsmouth City Council, Jeff Hutchins, said: ‘Wymering Manor was not sold at auction as its reserve price was not met. We still hope to sell the property and will now speak to the underbidder and a number of other interested parties.’

Galleries of Justice Ghost hunt Saturday 22nd January 2011 with Dusk Till Dawn Events

Galleries Of Justice Nottingham Overnight Ghost Hunt

Galleries Of Justice Nottingham Overnight Ghost Hunt – Saturday 22nd January 2011

The Galleries of Justice in Nottingham which has recently been voted as having the most Poltergeist activity in the UK is a foreboding location and not one for the faint hearted you have been warned!

Once a courthouse and jail The Galleries of Justice has made its mark as a terrible place where Men Women and Children were punished for crime’s that by todays standards would be little thought of. Many a poor soul lost their lives here at this very Building by  terrible execution from the hang mans noose,so it should come as no surprise that this location is steeped in emotion and history full to the brim.

There is a vast amount of Ghostly phenomena here. This building is so haunted that the Galleries of justice’s Cleaning Staff will only work in pairs and never alone as in the reception area alone three Ghosts have been witnessed one being a soldier, a Victorian Gent and an old lady.
The Criminal Court Room here has a plethera of activity such as Spirit lights and shadows which have been seen regularly and knockings and raps are often heard in response to questions asked.

Down in the depths of The Galleries of Justice are the very haunted Pits, an area even the Galleries of Justice’s own day time Staff won’t go to!
Underneath the building lurk the pitch black eerie underground Caves where discarnate voices, moans and breathing sounds and lights are often seen and heard. Dark shadows and Poltergeist activity happens here often with small stones thrown and people have been known to be touched by a presence in the darkness.

This is a fantastic location and one that should not  be missed join Dusk Till Dawn Events for an entire nights investigation.
You will have full use of ghost hunting equipment during the Event and take part in Vigils and Psychic Experiments.
The Night will be hosted by experienced paranormal investigator(s)and Psychic/Clairvoyant medium(s) with the experience to place you in area’s that could encourage spectral activity!


Ghost Hunts & Ghost Hunt Suppers January 2011 with Dusk Till Dawn Events

The Ragged School London Overnight Ghost Hunt

The Ragged School London Overnight Ghost Hunt – Saturday 8th January 2011

Bolling Hall Bradford Overnight Ghost Hunt

Bolling Hall Bradford Overnight Ghost Hunt – Saturday 15th January 2011

Galleries Of Justice Nottingham Overnight Ghost Hunt

More dates at Bolling Hall

Galleries Of Justice Nottingham Overnight Ghost Hunt – Saturday 22nd January 2011

Hauntings of Belgrave Hall Leicestershire Ghost Hunt Saturday 29th January 2011

More dates at The Galleries of Justice

Hauntings of Belgrave Hall Leicestershire Ghost Hunt Saturday 29th January 2011 – NEW LOCATION

Ghost Hunts & Ghost Hunt suppers with Dusk Till Dawn Events The Ghost Hunting Company

Dusk Till Dawn Radio Show Tuesday 21st December 2010 from 9pm till 11pm

This Weeks Show Hosts are.

Jessica Gladwin From Dusk Till Dawn Events The Ghost Hunting Company & Medium Sue Treanor From Eveshams Spiritual Centre and Shop Spiritus

This weeks show topics are:

Join us for a lively debate on the Dusk Till Dawn Radio Show as we talk about the practice of modern day witchcraft which has been part of folklore for centuries. We discuss how times have changed since the notorious witch hunts and horrific witch trials that took place in England.

Tune in as we talk to a real life practising witch and find out the truth about spells, hexes and voodoo dolls…do they really work!

Join in paranormal debates with Dusk Till Dawn Radio the talk show on all things paranormal

Ghost Hunt Supper at Dudley Castle Friday 17th September 2010





The guests arrived at about 7pm and were guided up to the Queen Mary Suite, one of the Castle’s restaurants.

After their meal Michael and I did a mediumship demonstration for them, in which they were given personal messages. I read their auras and Michael did a psychometry demo (which means reading the energy from personal belongings).

After they had a ghost walk with the Castle’s caretaker for the evening, Alex, they had about half an hour to explore the castle for themselves and use some of the ghost hunting equipment provided by Dusk Till Dawn.

Then we got on to the real meat of the evening! The vigils !

I took the chequered room, Michael took the Zodiac room (both rooms in the Museum) as we had done a recci beforehand and decided these were the most active areas – and boy were we right!

In the Zodiac room, I had the guests form a circle and did a simple exercise to get the energy flowing. Then we started “calling out” – asking spirit to interact with us and maybe touch someone or show themselves. We didn’t have to wait long for the action to start!

Many people saw (or felt) the shadowy figure of a hooded man moving around the outside of the circle. The man to my left looked like he had a white, pointy beard – similar to those worn in the tudor period.  Then, in the passageway which lead out of the room, some of us saw a bright light – like a torch being switched on and then off again. This phenomena happened again a little later, but this time the light was not quite so bright – maybe the energy had been used up with the brightness of the previous light! In the centre of the circle, once again several people (including Andy, the sceptic in the group!) thought they saw a white, milky energy moving around in small circles, and twinkling lights also moving in the same direction.

In the Zodiac room, a monk was seen and a lady felt like she was being pushed down to her knees in front of him. Several people also felt the presence of an executioner-type figure and actually saw a black energy in front of their face – as if an axe was falling in front of them.

The final vigil took place in the undercroft of the castle, where we all definitely heard the voices of women and men outside and footsteps on the gravel – even though we were the only people in the castle and we were all in one room!

A couple of times during the night, people screamed in fear and we all felt our heartbeats racing away for a few moments!

I must point out that all these phenomena were investigated at the time, every hypothesis we could think of was examined, and we could not explain anything that I have mentioned in this blog – other than it may have been paranormal.

If you fancy doing an overnight investigation or a ghost hunt supper with Dusk till Dawn events, please log on to www.dusktilldawnevents.co.uk – the spirits will be waiting for you………….

Written By
Sue Treanor

For more information on future Ghost Hunts, Ghost Hunt Suppers, Ghost Walks & Paranormal Tours visit www.DuskTillDawnEvents.co.uk The Ghost Hunting Company