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Halloween at The Ragged School Museum Overnight Ghost Hunt – Saturday 31st October 2009

ragged_school_londonThis Grade II listed building now well known as the Ragged School Museum was once known as the free or “ragged “school for the poor and destitute children of the East End of London and was occupied by the famous Dr Thomas Barnardo from 1877 to 1908

Fully intending to train as a doctor Thomas Barnardo came to London from his home city of Dublin in 1866, sadly what he found was a city where there was disease and poverty amongst families and any education for poor children was just not available.

Thomas Barnardo gave up his medical training and in 1867 opened his first “ragged school” where poor children aged 5 – 10 years could gain a free basic education have Breakfast ,Dinner and help them to find their first job when they left the school once their education had ceased.

Barnardo’s Copperfield Road School opened its doors ten years later to the destitute children of London and for the next thirty-one years educated the thousands of children that entered through its doors.

The School itself closed in1908 as government schools opened in the area to serve the needs of the local families.

The ragged School has a plethora of Ghostly activity with the boy’s school side of the building being especially active on recent investigations along with the cries of children, laughing voices and fast running footsteps running around the room.

Down in the depths of the atmospheric Cellar the mood changes quickly as a more intense energy likes to make its presence known in the most terrifying of ways.

Voices and Growls are  heard frequently in this area as well as stone throwing poltergeist activity which has been witnessed by many.Unexplainable Temperature changes happen very dramatically and quickly here and people have felt strong breezes as if an unknown presence in the darkness is walking past them.

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Halloween at 21 Henley Street Stratford Upon Avon Ghost Hunt – Friday 30th October 2009

henley_streetAre you feeling brave enough to join Dusk Till Dawn Events on a ghost hunting experience on Halloween at a real haunted house?
Come with us and step through time as we dare to venture into 21 Henley Street one of the Most Haunted Houses in Stratford-upon- Avon. The Building itself which dates back to 1541 is half timbered and is 3 storeys high which has been opened up to the property next door to it so there are many eerie nooks and crannies to investigate on a fantastic night of Ghost Hunting.
21 Henley Street now home of The Witchcraft and Wizardology Museum , Stratford-upon-Avon is housed in a beautiful example of Elizabethan architecture that first appears in historical records in 1541. The building mentioned both by Harriet Beecher Stowe and Rupert Graves, is now the only remaining section of the famous White Lion Inn that still stands.The building now a wonderful,mystical witchcraft museum is crammed full to the brim of interesting spooky memorabilia and is only just a stone’s throw from Shakespears actual birth place.
In 1785 members of the household of the ill fated Monarch Louis XVI of France stayed here and in 1806 the Prince Regent (later George IV of the United Kingdom) stayed in specially prepared apartments. During the English Civil War the building was taken over by parliamentary soldiers who are said to haunt the upper levels to this very day whispering about secret plans.
It is also home to a much darker and more blood curdling secret. During the late 1700’s a series of very brutal attacks took place on prostitutes in bedrooms on the upper floors of the Inn. These attacks have left an indelible spectral imprint on the building that can be sensed by mediums and sensitives to this very day.
Guests visiting here find 21 Henley Street to be a most strange and creepy location which comes as no surprise with its small creaky stairways and dark mysterious rooms such as The Nursery,The Apothecary,Haunted Chamber and Priest Hole if you enjoy being scared then this night is for you!
Ghost Sightings are said to be abundant here with as many as 40 resident Spirits all who have made their presence known to visiting Mediums along with strange noises, aromas, lights and cold blasts of air onto people’s faces this really is a great opportunity to have a go at ghost hunting in a fantastic haunted location.

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