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RAF Holmpton Withernsea Overnight Ghost Hunt – Saturday 10th October 2009

_wsb_220x165_pitRoyal Air Force Holmpton has over 60 years of History.
During this time over 15,000 Personnel have passed through this establishment so there is no surprise that this is the basis for a great deal of Paranormal Activity…….

There is a plethera of activity at this location with voices heard frequently and sightings of a ghostly airman who is often seen pacing backwards and forwards between doors and those who have seen him say he looks as if  he is frantically looking for something or someone?

On the upper floors of this building visitors here sense a very strange atmosphere and few people can remain in this area for very long.

With Poltergeist activity rife and items of furniture moving, stones being thrown at unsuspecting Guests this really is a great place for paranormal Investigation.

A young Man is often seen in the canteen area who tells people that he “should not be here”.

Along with footsteps and dark shadows moving around in the darkness just along the corridor in the hospital area a woman has appeared to people dressed as a nurse and is called Margaret and is said to be very welcoming and friendly to visitors here.

The Commanding Officers office and bedroom are often active with voices and conversations heard and in addition to all this fantastic phenomena Orbs and flashing lights are also seen on a regular basis along with many other ghostly spectres.

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